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September 5, 2019

It is Thursday morning and I am on my second cup of coffee, so I'm raring to go! Raring? is that the right word? It sounds right in my head, but not written down...Rareing, rearing...

Well, as Kate Winslet says in her hit song... 














Anywho, I was thinking about what I wanted to share next from my bucket of wisdom (I've stopped acting now, so the bucket is getting shallow, but I will persevere) and then it hit me - I've been putting a few castings out recently, looking for models and actors for different jobs, and some of the submissions that I goodness! I know people apply for lots of jobs on a daily basis - hello, we want to secure a bloody acting job, but it really makes a difference when you actually take the time to think about each one that you apply for!


It will be different for every casting director (I am not one) but here's what I found -


The main pet peeve -




EXAMPLE: I put a casting out for 16 year old looking guy, a bit like Steve from Strange Things, class clown type but thinks he's a bad boy and I received MANY, not just one, MANY applications from 40 year old+ men...


Now, I played a teen for many years after my 18th birthday and a lot of people can BUT 40+ is taking it a bit far.  


Why would you apply for a role without looking at it first? Do you even care what the role is? I know after a while you get a bit desperate and you're like, fine I will play a naked dead body with no lines, just give me work PLEASE, but a casting director is not going to take you seriously after that. 



You have to make sure that you read everything before you apply!


Make sure you fit the brief


This sounds like my point before about reading the brief, but it's slightly different. Once some people have read the brief and they discover they don't fit...they apply anyway. Again, you love the sound of the project and you want work, but the casting director has put that brief for a reason. If the brief is for a ‘Model, 5ft 9, knows martial arts’ (which, my God I have seen so many times. My casting of 5ft 2, squeaky voice and can do a cartwheel rarely came up) then that’s what they’re after. There is no point, in my opinion, applying anyway with a message – "I don’t fit this brief, but I’m trained in martial arts or I don’t fit the brief but if anything else comes up…" Casting directors have such a clear picture in their heads of what they want, and they’re not interested in the rest at that moment.  By all means, follow the film’s page and do some research on the characters involved but if they’re looking for a petite blonde and you’re a tall brunette…it aint gonna happen peeps!


Leaving a message


So, if you’re applying for yourself and not through your agent, then my advice would be to leave a message – Why do you want the part? BRIEF description of why you’d be good for the role (not an essay, they won’t read it).


What I wouldn’t do is to either copy and paste your bio –I am a hardworking actress with x many years’ experience. I love a challenge etc etc! Or write a generic –To whom it may concern, I would like to be part of your production because I love acting…. This is being very picky, but these are things that I used to do and I cringe thinking back on it. Some people may not mind, it isn’t the end of the world! If you have a headshot on there which they like or which catches their eye, they probably won’t read it anyway and just be like BOOM we have found the next Meryl Streep right here! 


I would always write what you like about the script or the character or why you feel like you fit! Not - Why do you want the part? I have 3 million followers.....



I feel like I could ramble for hours...but I wont! These are just a few tips that I thought might be useful. If you have any others or don't agree, please feel free to leave a comment!


Lots of love and happy thoughts,







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