The Amazing Michaela Longden

July 11, 2019

So I have seen this woman a lot of social media and on TV rocking it! We've even been in a few films together and yet I've never met her!! So, I needed her to do a blog for me. She always seems so hard working and positive, she was a perfect candidate for Bex's Blogs....ooh I like that...Bex's Blogs...Anyway!


What made you want a career as an actor?


I always loved acting since I was little. I am fascinated by stories, film and TV and how they can affect people. I love the impact story telling can have and what we can learn from it. To be able to embrace new roles means to look at the world from an entirely different perspective and I feel lucky to be able to say this is my job.


What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?


I recently won my first award for my role in ‘Terminal’ which was a pretty incredible feeling. It was my first leading role in a project that was running the circuits so I was super chuffed to even get nominated.


Tell me about what you're working on now.


I am currently in pre-production for my own short film which I wrote and will play lead role in. The film is called Gaslight and it follows the struggle of a women who has found herself in an emotionally abusive relationship. We have an award winning team on board as well as Anthony Quinlan playing the male lead so it is all very exciting. Currently we are trying to crowd-fund to pay for expenses/catering/locations. So please do check our crowd funding page out and share.


Who is your favourite actor, and why?


Tom Hanks- C’mon ‘Wilson!!!’ He is incredible I love his acting, he is an absolute idol. He literally says so much with one look. He is always fully absorbed in the role and has the perfect combination of energy and intensity everytime. He also works on projects that have a lot to say about the world that we live in.


Of all the roles you have played in the past, which is your favourite?


I loved playing the role of a psychotic nurse in the short film Demented. Just because it was something so different to my typical casting. I did it pretty much straight out of drama school and would love to play something similar to that again- now that I have grown as an actor and learned so so much. It would be insane!


When you suffer a setback, or you don’t receive the part you want, how does that emotionally affect you and what do you do to get over it?


It’s hard. Sometimes it might knock me for a couple of days but you have to remember that you love what you do and if your not right your not right. It is nothing personal. Over the years I have got better with dealing with rejection but I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t affect me anymore. Of corse it does. You have to learn to accept that you can only do what you can do in the room and to not punish yourself.




How do you prepare yourself for an audition?


I read the project over and over. Then I focus on my character, their back story, what they say, what others say about them. I look at their intentions, what they want and the ways in which they get it. I put a lot of time and effort into preparing. I run lines with friends in a variety of different ways and really try to absorb myself in the script. I research anything I am unsure of and if in an accent is required I learn it. Hard work pays off. Nerves are a struggle at times- especially if the project is with someone you admire or something you’re desperate to get into so meditation and sound mind health is important too.


How do you keep your spirits up when you haven’t had an audition in a while?


I try create my own, I write I email and I remain proactive. This makes me feel like I am working even if I’m not. I teach acting too and I think that helps.


How do you source your auditions? What routes do you take/how do you network?


Social media and film festivals are great! Link with the local film makers around! Talk to people go to events. Network. Establish good relationships with people you do work with.


What websites would you recommend for other actors to use? What have you found to be helpful?


Social media seems to be the best route right now. I am a member of Mandy but I think there are too many members to jobs to be honest. Spotlight is obviously a must!


What honest advice would you give to other actors?


When times get tough, stay focused on your end goal. Enjoy the journey. Celebrate every success and don’t beat yourself up. If something isn’t working question why. Be proactive. Practice meditation, go to the gym, eat healthy and stay ambitious. Have courage to fail. Have courage to win. Be brave.


Anything else you’d like to add?


Please do follow Gaslight’s journey and if you can share and donate. The link is here…

Twitter: @filmgaslight

instagram: gaslightshortfilm


To those aspiring to be an actor it isn’t easy you will need to work hard.

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