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May 29, 2019


My next post is all about social media and how to use it. I don’t know how much knowledge I really have on the subject, so this might be a short post…We’ll see! media, the 21st century’s new religion. The thing we all can’t live without anymore.

On that note, do you remember when we didn’t have it. It feels weird thinking that at one time I didn’t have a phone glued to my hand, staring at it constantly, flicking between apps. I’m not addicted, I can quit anytime…


Anyway, social media has become a strong tool for actors to promote themselves and connect with casting professionals and other creatives. Sometimes, I think it’s gotten a bit out of hand and people are being cast because of how many followers they have over someone equally as talented that has 5. It’s silly that this now plays such an important role, but it does, so on to my first tip.


One account or two?


Some people have 2 accounts, one personal and one professional on Twitter and Facebook etc. I just had the one because it makes it a bit more personal. As long as you don’t go adding Nina gold and then start bitching about how rubbish the Game of Thrones casting was! So, if you have one account, consider what you’re posting and who will see. You will hear it a lot that “you are a business”, so you need to promote that business well. If you have two accounts, it’s easier I guess to make your professional one all about the industries, which are probably the posts that would get any attention from creative people!


Gaining followers


A little tip that I picked up, which is probably quite obvious...follow people. It sounds silly and it’s time consuming, but to build a social media following, you need to follow people. You can BUY followers, but this is stupid in my opinion. They’re very odd accounts and they’re not going to help you with what you want to achieve. I did this and ended up with some very strange names in my followers’ tab! Also, I’ve seen a few random people appear on my news feed before, that I haven’t followed, so they’ve bought their way in and this can annoy people! They don’t want to follow people they don’t know talking about their acting careers. It’s best to do it the old-fashioned way, follow and hope for a follow back (or have an amazing news feed that draws everyone in). After a while you can’t go over a certain number of followers, and Twitter actually checks up on this sometimes, so make sure your ratio of following to followers is right.


It’s rare you’ll get casting directors following you back, but it’s good to build a network of other actors, film companies, directors etc, to help you get seen.


Gaining more followers


There is a little tip I picked up over the years (you’re 28 Bex, not 75!) which is a bit annoying, but it depends which route you want to go down with social media. If you’re following all of these people, Twitter will eventually stop you and not let you follow any more, so nowadays you can download apps which will do a mass delete of who your following. This way you keep your followers and can keep adding more.


If you want a nice clean Twitter where you know everyone, and you’re interested in what other people are posting…this isn’t for you. This is for people who want to look to casting directors like they have a big following because they’re so amazing! My Twitter got so messy, full of random strangers, that I didn’t even want to use it. I would just post for all of my ‘followers’. It’s a good technique. I personally got bored of doing this and realised I’d rather go to auditions and hope for the best. But I know people it has worked for.


What else? What else?




I’m just waffling now! Hashtags can also be important and a good way to get spotted by other actors and casting people etc!


That was a really rubbish tip, of course people know how to use hashtags!


I guess that’s it…Hope it was kind of useful!







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