Actress - Rebecca Seyhan

January 17, 2019

 Up next we have one of my very own headshot clients - Rebecca!



What made you want a career as an actor?


I began performing from the age of 2 when I started ballet classes. I wanted to be a dancer for so many years until I took a Musical Theatre class and realised I could sing! It was from then on that I wanted to work in Musical Theatre and the Acting industry. What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor? Definitely graduating from drama school with a First Class Honours! Probably my greatest achievement as a human not just an actor!


Tell me about what you're working on now.


I have just finished 6 weeks in pantoland playing Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Such a fun production with great cast mates. I've got a couple of weeks to recover and then I'll be doing a schools tour around the North West in a show that I helped to devise last year, its all about encouraging young people to look into higher education no matter what their background is. So it's a really important project with a positive message.


Who is your favourite actor, and why?


At the moment I'm loving Jodie Comer, as a fellow scouser I'm so inspired by her work!


Of all the roles you have played in the past, which is your favourite?


Last year I performed in a play adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie and was lucky enough to play the titular lead. It was such a challenging and physically demanding role but one of my favourites to date.


When you suffer a setback, or you don’t receive the part you want, how does that emotionally affect you and what do you do to get over it?


It's always disheartening when you don't get a job that you really want, especially when you think the audition went well. However, there is so much in this industry that is out of our hands. Maybe you didn't get the job because you wouldn't fit the costume, or your hair was the wrong colour! I think in this industry all you can do is channel your energy into the next audition or goal, and try not to dwell on the disappointments.


How do you prepare yourself for an audition?


Of course I make sure I research the show, the character and the production company but I always make sure I wear something that makes me feel amazing too! And wear my best make up for that extra bit of confidence. How do you keep your spirits up when you haven’t had an audition in a while? If I'm having a quiet spell I try to use the down time in other ways that still make me feel productive. For example, updating my rep folders, working in student films or recording some new material.


How do you source your auditions? What routes do you take/how do you network?


I mostly use casting sites such a Spotlight and Mandy Actors. As I am self represented I have to make sure I'm always on the ball searching for castings as I don't have anyone else doing this for me. When I do apply for jobs I make sure my applications are thorough and I always try to mention if I've seen any previous work from the director/producer.


What websites would you recommend for other actors to use?


What have you found to be helpful? There are some really useful Facebook groups that are specific to different regions and cities, that have some really great castings, along with subscription casting websites.


What honest advice would you give to other actors?


Believe in yourself! If you don't then you can't expect anyone else to!


Anything else you’d like to add?


I think it's so important for actors to support one another. Of course we work in a very competitive industry, but one person's success does not diminish your own!

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