Happy New Year!

January 3, 2019

Hello all my lovely friends and followers :)


I hope you all had a fun filled new year, full of alcohol, food and friendship!


Last year was an incredible year for me - I gained a wife and a new last name (Mellor-Bowman), I booked an exciting honeymoon to Thailand and we bought our first home, all while trying to improve my photography - I also wrote a book if anyone wants to give it a read... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unexpected-Lesson-1/dp/172092161X 


I love seeing how much my work has improved this last year. I am still learning and building my camera skills, but I'm loving every minute.


The business was originally set up as a side project around my acting, so I could have a flexible job whilst still seeing my girlfriend.....wife! Waitressing never appealed, I hated retail customers and pulling sickies in full time employment was hard to pull off so regularly.


Over time my love for photography grew and my confidence for acting faded. Then I realised...as long as I am creating something and having fun I don't mind what I do. 


Since last year I have upgraded my lens to the 85mm 1.8 but I still have a VERY old camera...like, I don't even know how the lens fits on, but I still feel like my pictures have improved - I'm curious to see how a good camera would improve the image further....would it? I'm sure any professional photographer's would be reading this banging their heads - "Read a book woman!" but I like to learn as I go.


Anyway I digress - New year! I now have a little studio space in my new flat which I was dubious about, but the results were amazing:




This is Hannah, my friend from uni, who kindly came down to Glossop to help me practise. She's a super happy, friendly actress with an AMAZING voice. I asked her to come because of her happiness which I knew would fly out at me and into a perfect little picture.


If you want to check out her stuff, it's here on Youtube:





So the studio, I think, is great and I think gives my clients more confidence, as standing outside in the cold with people walking past staring  can be a little off putting...Also, it means actors or singer or clowns (I will literally shoot anyone!) can get changed and have time to sort their hair and make up etc. I would have ideally liked a space in Manchester but as I boasted before about all of the marvellous things I've done - I can't really afford it!


Now I've tried out the new studio, I can now get some new backdrops and try different things so this year my headshots can be the best they've ever been!


Lots of Love and Happy New Year,

Bex x

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