Indie films

August 25, 2017

Indie films


I network with a lot of actors through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc who all work on indie films. Most of my Facebook friends know each other or have worked together before, it's become such a useful tool to showcase your work and such a supportive network of people to be around! Directors recommending people, actors wishing each other luck, it's such a nice thing to be a part of - I do sometimes feel the little twinge of jealousy when you haven't been working for a while and you see people in these incredible roles that you would chop off your arm and give to the casting director just to be a part of; but hey I'm human!


Obviously a lot of actors also have agents and audition for TV series and mainstream feature films, that's kind of the dream! But social media and indie films seem to be becoming more and more popular and a nice way for more actors to get work and update that Spotlight CV!


Unless you're extremely lucky or have the best agent in the world it is hard to get seen for those big feature film roles or top TV shows (who doesn't wish and pray and sell their souls to the devil to get on Game of Thrones?!) Luckily now with social media and the growing population of creative individuals more people are getting the chance to work in front of the camera and make their dreams a reality.


I have seen so many top indie directors and film makers working their arses off on such small budgets to create amazing pieces of work. Patrick Ryder's Human, Marc Zammit's Homeless Ashes, Adam Ethan Crow's Warhol, Simon Wells' Knights of the Damned just to name a few, crazy good stories that are such high quality pieces of work. Indie films also give writers and directors the chance to create stories that are deeper, more imaginative (Knights of the Damned has a dragon, people!) and just have more depth than some of the drivel we see on TV today.


Of course mainstream and big budget films are incredible and some of them are jaw droppingly good! Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings will forever have a place in my heart. Alien, Titanic, Avatar, Star Wars, I mean you can't watch them without getting giddy, or thinking 'Jesus how did they do that?!' And I can't imagine any actor turning down the chance to work on something so magical.


I am so grateful for the growing network of Indie films and the stories they bring. I have had some really cool experiences in short films and features which gave me the opportunity to experience the world of film. The Renata Road by Ed Greenberg was the first film I ever worked on and even on the tight budget we had, it was such an experience. The cast & crew worked incredibly hard and the finished product was outstanding, nothing like any film I've ever watched before!


I have a few roles coming up which I'm excited for and I always enjoy seeing what my film maker friends are cooking up. Facebook is such a great way to connect with film makers and show them your stuff!


Keep it up Indie, I love ya!



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