Then and now!

August 16, 2017

Here we go again!


So starting the blog got me thinking about my headshots from starting out to now and I wanted to see if I could see any improvement. Luckily I'm happy to say I did otherwise I would be writing some sad goodbye blog about how I'll never be good enough and I'm quitting immediately!


So here is my first headshot with my canon camera that I took in a garden -























I was so pleased with myself at the time and still am as a first go! I had no editing technology just instagram filters and no reflectors etc. I also had no clue about lighting or angles (Why are my shots not looking how I want, this should be easy!)


My second attempt I used a reflector and the same camera/location -






















Again - super proud of it. I used a reflector for this headshot in the same garden as before with the same fiance I luckily still have (She may leave me when she see's her face all over my website)


LASTLY we have my most recent headshots -























Different location and lens this time with the same camera. Better angle with the relfector providing most of the light

So there we have it - The evolution of Bex Bowman Photography! Hopefully I will be able to post again in a few month stating that I'm even better than before........ (If my model changes, then she's finally had enough of my nonsense)

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